What We Do

Enjoy our company’s marvelous products! Karbon Project craftsmen are skilled in the most actual technologies as well as in the newest that are only on the threshold of the development. We are always up to time to provide you with the high quality services.

Who are we?

We are a team of talented specialists who are passionate, thoughtful and creative. We believe with our experience and your trust in us we’ll growth together and make great things in development industry.


Awesome Features built just for you

Being leading experts in the area, we built following features based on our extensive experience, only to let you earn big money! Why? Because your profit and prosperity helps us to profit and prosper, too.

About Us

Karbon Project is an innovative international online ads network with goal to bring together advertisers and publishers. But those are just dry facts. In this section let's get acquainted and know each other better!

Who we are?

Employees and bosses. Partners and advisers. Husbands and wives. Children and parents. We are all of these. But first of all - we are the experts!

Since 2011 we are being the middle ground, allowing for profitable advertising offers and quality traffic to meet. Our company is the best solution network available for Europe, US and ex-USSR market field. More than just being the best, we are also one of the biggest ad networks, with over 700M daily advertising impressions across the globe.

Our skillset

Experts in performance marketing. We have launched thousands of advertising campaigns and helped billions of people to discover quality content since 2011; however, it is not our end goal, but our journey - our reach is growing every day. Our team consists of true professional in conversion tracking and seasoned experts doing fast and profitable results optimization.

People behind the brand

With advanced optimization and targeting we are able to maximize revenue through third-party sponsored content, using a wide range of optimized ad units, flexible targeting opportunities, and (this is really our best asset so far!) the best account managers in the business to bring your ad campaign to a success.

One of a kind

What's unique about Karbon Projects - is that we monetize 100% of your traffic. This is done by efficiently utilizing both mobile and desktop global web traffic across all browsers, devices and platforms, while providing only highest eCPM rates.

We know that every living being is unlike the other. We take advantage by bringing exclusive offers and campaigns and customization options tailored for your needs, and manufactured for your unique user base. Be bold, bring your traffic, as unique as it can be. We got you covered!

Easy going control freaks

You are in control of your campaigns. We are in control of the quality and safety, so you can relax and reach users. Take advantage by generating volumes of ads shown. No fraud, scam or malware. Users love the experience, so churn rate is minimal.

With all abovesaid, campaigns are still easy to start, and approve. Using our dashboard, you can start monetizing your traffic really fast, and get friendly reports and timely answers. In-depth revenue and spending reports accompany state of art ad channel management tools.